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sterdio.com Gifts & Toys Metal Rock Crawlers Rally Climbing Car
sterdio.com Gifts & Toys Metal Rock Crawlers Rally Climbing Car

Metal Rock Crawlers Rally Climbing Car

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  • Waterproof Power System for All-Weather Driving Excitement
  • Four-wheel drive for superior off-road versatility and grip
  • Powerful motor for aggressive acceleration and exciting speed
  • Find out with included 6-cell 14.8V 4-cell 25C LiPo battery pack and AC wall outlet charger
  • Fully independent suspension for exceptional off-road handling and control
  • Front and rear all-metal gear differentials
  • Simple and efficient shaft drive
  • Durable construction that's built to last

      Unyielding 4X4 power, huge size and award-winning innovations make ChTrax the ultimate monster truck. With a limit of 8 volts above 30 volts, ChTrax ignores physics, releasing astounding acceleration and 70+ mph. Focusing on conquering the most extreme terrain and taking cruel real world penalties, ChTrax is the definition of Monster.


      Waterproof, all-weather electronics means your fun doesn't stop just because of a little water. Teton doesn't slow down for puddles, mud, ice, or snow! The waterproof servo and patent-pending weather-sealed receiver box let you keep going, even in wet conditions that send other trucks back to the workbench. It's total driving freedom! Drive the Teton where you want, when you want‚ÄĒthe only limit is your imagination.




        Speed: 50-65mp / h 
        Functions: rolling, climbing, drifting, standing, going down the stairs, etc. 
        Apply to sand beach, water, snowfield, rocky road, muddy ground, etc.

        Standard Version:
        Speed: 25-35mp / h.
        Functions: drifting, going down the stairs, etc. 
        Apply to sand beach, snowfield,etc.


        • Material:¬†Metal/Electronic¬†Components.
        • Charging¬†Time:¬†2-3¬†hours
        • Playing¬†Time:¬†45-60¬†mins
        • Controller:¬†2.4GHz¬†Radio¬†Remote¬†Control
        • Control¬†Distance:¬†More¬†than¬†100¬†meters
        • Car¬†Battery:High¬†Capacity¬†14.8V 4-cell 25C LiPo¬†Battery¬†Pack
        • 1:16¬†Package¬†Weight¬†2.0¬†kg

        Package Included:

        • 1¬†x¬†RC¬†Car
        • 1¬†x¬†High¬†Capacity¬†14.8V 300MAH LiPo battery Pack¬†
        • 1¬†x¬†Charge¬†Cable
        • 1¬†x¬†Operating¬†Instructions
        • 1¬†x Screwdriver