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sterdio.com Bracelet Flask-Drink it anywhere!
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Bracelet Flask-Drink it anywhere!

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Have you ever wished you could bring booze out so you could take a sip whenever you want to? To all of you out there, this is the revolutionary time when we hear your demand! This stylish bracelet is more than just a bracelet, BUT allows you to bring your drinks intelligently with you on the sly! You will definitely receive so many jealousy when people see you with your "Bracelet"! Not mentioning somewhere you are not suppose to bring booze, and NOW YOU CAN( shhhh..and no one could ever find out)!

BraceletFlask have got your back! Whether it is a football game or party in which you aren't allowed to bring your own alcohol, you can bring your BF with you from now on, and you won't be thirsty again!

    This product is the hot tool that everyone is craving aboutBuy this now and quench your thirst!!!



    Material:Stainless Steel